A downloadable asset pack for Windows

This game is my contribution to the GameMaker Studio 2 - Beta Jam. Full game release, summer 2017.

Why Ninjas and cakes? Because nijas love cake!

Single player
Protect the cake from incoming cake eating monsters.

Local Multiplayer
Be the first to put 10 cakes in the fridge. Battle your friends and throw "nija death stars" on each other!!! Oh, did I just say death star? They actually don't kill anyone. They just knock em out for a cuple of seconds!

In Game:
Left/Right - Move
Keyboard 'Z' / Xbox 'A' / Playstation 'Cross' - Jump
Keyboard 'X' / Xbox 'X' / Playstation 'Square' - Shoot

In Menu:
Up/Down - Navigate
Keyboard ENTER / Xbox 'A' / Playstation 'Cross' - Enter
Keyboard ESCAPE / Xbox 'B' / Playstation 'Circle' - Exit


  • Ninja death star throwing...
  • ...That only knock em out!
  • Wall jumping! (They are actually ninjas)
  • Local multiplayer withup to 4 players
  • Gamepad and keyboard support
  • Family friendly
  • Sound (Coming soon)

May your path lead you to the cake!

Install instructions

Download & install instructions

  • Download
  • Unpack zip
  • Open project in Gamemaker: Studio 2
  • Compile
  • Enjoy


Cake Guardians.zip 334 kB


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It look great! However, I only have the free version of game maker studio 2. 
Do you have the .exe file. Because I would like to try the game Thxt!!!

Awesome project, thanks for sharing.